Technical Consultation for Television & Movies

We at times act as consultants for technical issues in the planning stages of television and film production. This opportunity arose after the filming of the Discovery Channel special titled "The Rocket Challenge," where our p-class rocket set a record altitude of 30,000 feet at twice the speed of sound [ For comparison, a P-class rocket motor is more than 32,000 times larger than an A-class rocket motor that many amateur rocket enthusiasts use]. All of this happened during the international rocket event known as LDRS (an acronym for Large and Dangerous Rocket Ships), which is conducted annually by the Tripoli Rocketry Association.

Our association with rockets led to our involvement in a television series called Master Blasters, a series about launching all kinds of strange things with powerful motors. We launched a car a quarter mile from a ramp using Tomahawk cruise missile booster motors (with the blessing of the military-- thanks again Uncle Sam). We also loved converting a dune buggy into a rocket powered dragster that hit nearly 300 mph in just 1/8th of a mile (half the length of a normal drag strip).

We gladly worked on the TV series called "One Way Out," designing difficult situations for escape specialist Jonathon Goodwin to escape from safely. Our various experiences have led to requests from people in the entertainment industry to solve mathematical computations and answer various technical questions.