What we do FAQ’s

Orbital Machine Works specializes in the non specialized- we blend multiple scientific disciplines together under one roof. What would normally have to be conceived, designed, and fabricated by separate firms with different backgrounds is combined at one place here. No complex orchestration between companies is required and projects are accomplished faster. Orbital Machine Works accomplishes this by developing software, creating electronic circuitry, producing designs, engineering, and assembling any phase of the project or product.

What we do in a little more detail

We develop software from scratch and also customize existing software to make programs far more useful, user friendly, versatile, faster, and tailored to the client’s needs.

Orbital Machine Works designs electronic circuits, creates the circuit boards, and develops the system interface between any mechanical and electronic components.

Mechanical Design
Most times we design parts by Computer Aided Design (CAD), though we will employ any method that works. Not only do we do CAD and Solid Works design; we occasionally resort to the inventer’s old time standard of exploring through trial and error. Whichever method produces faster or better results, we use it.

Our firm operates fabrication machinery including lathes, mills, press brakes, a hydraulic punch press, saws, Arc, MIG, and TIG welders, and more. We continually make precision components of all sizes for our clients.